Testing Rackspace Cloud-server Service-net Connectivity and creating an alarm

So, the last few weeks my colleagues and myself have been noticing that there has been a couple of issues with the cloud-servers servicenet interface. Unfortunately for some customers utilizing dbaas instances this means that their cloud-server will be unable to communicate, often, with their database backend.

The solution is a custom monitoring script that my colleague Marcin has kindly put together for another customer of his own.

The python script that goes on the server:

Create file:

vi /usr/lib/rackspace-monitoring-agent/plugins/servicenet.sh

Paste into file:

ping="/usr/bin/ping -W 1 -c 1 -I eth1 -q"

if [ -z $1 ];then
   echo -e "status CRITICAL\nmetric ping_check uint32 1"
   exit 1
   $ping $1 &>/dev/null
   if [ "$?" -eq 0 ]; then
      echo -e "status OK\nmetric ping_check uint32 0"
      exit 0
      echo -e "status CRITICAL\nmetric ping_check uint32 1"
      exit 1

Create an alarm that utilizes the below metric

if (metric["ping_check"] == 1) {
    return new AlarmStatus(CRITICAL, 'what?');
if (metric["ping_check"] == 0) {
    return new AlarmStatus(OK, 'eee?');

Of course for this to work the primary requirement is a Rackspace Cloud-server and an installation of Rackspace Cloud Monitoring installed on the server already.

Thanks again Marcin, for this golden nugget.

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